PENTA 1860 disqualified from pro league for financial reasons

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PENTA 1860 have been disqualified from Germany’s Prime League with immediate effect, and will not play in their scheduled relegation matches on September 13. A statement from the league confirms the reason is due to financial rules.

Mere days after Schalke 04 were forced to bench one of their players mere hours before the start of their EU Masters run, the Prime League has once again been hit by a wave of controversy.

On September 2, it was announced that PENTA 1860 would be disqualified from the Prime League with immediate effect. The reason cited for their disqualification was a “repeated failure to meet financial obligations”.

This disqualification means they will be ineligible to play in their relegation match versus No Need Orga on September 13. They will not be automatically awarded a slot in the Prime League second division, and the resultant open spot will be awarded to TeamOrangeGaming.

It is not clear exactly what these financial obligations were — although it’s likely that it involved a failure to pay staff and/or players, as these are actions that merit disqualification according to the Prime League rulebook.

PENTA Sports were formerly one of Germany’s leading esports organization, formed in 2014 by the merging of multiple smaller organizations within the region. They host games in multiple esports, most notably in CS:GO.

The organization has ceased all operations in CS:GO twice so far in 2022. They initially ceased competing in the esport in January, only to return in March with a new roster to compete in multiple open qualifiers within the DACH region.

After qualifying to the European Development Championship’s Qualifier in second place, the organization parted ways with its roster on June 16 for the second time in 2022. The organization is currently in the process of building their FIFA roster, and actively hiring coaching staff.

They have active rosters in Valorant, Rainbow Six Siege, and APEX Legends, amongst others. As of yet, PENTA have made no official statement on their disqualification from the Prime League.

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